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      School Brief Introduction

      School of numerous brilliance with a long history.

      Shuangliu Middle School ( Shuangliu Senior High), located near Shuangliu International Airport, only 10 kilometers from Chengdu, capital of Sichuan, was founded in 1940...more

      Hardware facilities

      The school has strong hardware facilities including four teaching buildings , a technology room building and a library. The 90 classes in these four buildings are all equipped with multimedia. Also, there is a psychological counseling room and other fifteen special rooms,...more

      Teachers and Students

      Our school has a high-qualified teacher team. There are 6 special-grade teachers, more than 100 teachers with master degrees or completing master learning courses, over 180 senior teachers...more

      Activities and Competitions

      Students’ lives on campus are colorful. Most of our students are of wide interests and versatile. The school ...more

      International exchange

      In order to cultivate students of an international view, Shuangliu Middle school expands its outlooks towards overseas and has been actively carrying out international exchanges since 1998...mored